The Hottest Food Trends Of 2020, Or Chicken Sandwiches Are Soooo Last Year

It's a new year, and you know what that means: food mavens are very excited to pretend they have magical, oracle-like powers and tell you what you will be eating in the next 12 months. The New York Times, the nation's newspaper of record, has canvassed a bunch of trendspotters and consultants and duly recorded their predictions. How about for fun we all check back here in a year and note which of these things we have eaten?

  • Japanese food that is not sushi
  • The cuisine of the southwestern Indian state of Kerala (main ingredients: rice, coconut, and fish)
  • More vegan food
  • Peas and buckwheat, the crops favored by regenerative farmers who like to plant things between harvests to keep their soil healthy
  • Blue food! Which, I might add, The Takeout predicted all the way back in September. This year blueness will appear in many forms: liquid (butterfly pea powder tea), solid (ube, a purple yam), and leafy (orach, aka mountain spinach).
  • Toast. And not just avocado smeared on toasted bread, either. In Asia, chefs have been perfecting a method of hollowing out entire loaves of bread and stuffing them with toast and custard. This sounds truly magical.
  • CBD everything everywhere
  • The end of the all-chicken-nugget kiddie menu
  • Alternative flour made from, among other things, green bananas, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and watermelon seeds
  • Robot food delivery
  • Flavored ghee
  • Koji
  • Edible flowers
  • Puffed vegetable skin
  • Ice cream with hidden vegetables