Supermarket Forced To Throw Out A Reported $60K Worth Of Food After Buttholes Cut Power Lines

On Sunday, some total buttholes cut the power lines to a Food Lion in Gastonia, North Carolina, while trying to steal copper wiring. Now that Food Lion location has been forced to throw out thousands of dollars in meat, frozen food, baked goods, and deli items.

Neighboring businesses told WSOC TV that the losses top $60,000. Food Lion has not confirmed that number, but employees did tell the station that they had to throw out the entire deli section.

A spokesperson for the company, Matt Harakal, told WSOC that a backup power source kicked in, but due to limited freezer space, the store was still forced to toss a lot, and health concerns prevented them from donating the food. According to the station, Harakal stressed that "food safety comes first," but noted that they "hated having to throw away that much food." That's $60,000 worth of food that went to waste because some buttholes couldn't just steal their stinking copper without cutting the power to a whole freaking grocery store.