Food Fight A Fireable Offense At Vermont KFC/Taco Bell

Working in a kitchen isn't easy, and sometimes you need to blow off a little steam. But as the employees at a combination KFC/Taco Bell in Vermont recently discovered, there are perfectly fine ways of blowing off steam, and then there's a messy food fight in the back that gets everybody fired.

WCAX reports that four employees were terminated from the location after a cell phone video depicted them making a mess in the back of the restaurant after hours. The food fight (not to be confused with a Foodfight!) also led to one employee getting caught washing her hair in the kitchen sinks, in order to clean some chipotle taco sauce out of it. Oh and the gagging sounds!

After footage of the incident went public, the location's manager later fired them, refusing to make any further statements.

Listen, we get it. Working in fast food can often be tedious. You regularly deal with disrespectful customers, counterproductive procedural requirements, and all of the other issues that come along with handling people's food. Sometimes the general public doesn't even understand how your job is supposed to function. But as long as you're responsible for the spaces where food is prepared for strangers, at least a minimal level of effort is required. We should all strive to not make each other paranoid about how our food is being prepared.