Woman Liberates A Motherfuckin' Snake From A Motherfuckin' Bud Light Can

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they're just out walking the dog, only to find themselves attempting to pull a snake out of a can of Bud Light. Perhaps the snake heard about the nutritional transparency of the beverage, or has hopped on the growing Cleveland Browns bandwagon.

This was the case for Florida resident Rosa Fond over the weekend, reports the Sinclair Broadcast Group. When Fond happened upon the creature (who we have hereby dubbed Stone Cold Snake Austin) attempting to wriggle its way free after lodging its head in the can's popped-open mouth. Fond, the founder of the rescue shelter Humans And Animals United, decided to be a good (and audibly terrified) samaritan:

It was not a Lime-a-Rita, a plus for the snake. As SCSA continued to thrash, even wrapping itself around Fond's arm at points, the inadvertent snake charmer takes approaches both rational ("Well, you're stuck! What do you want me to do?") and reassuring ("It'll be alright, it'll be okay. I am not going to kill you") to handling the matter.

After several harrowing minutes, she finally sets the snake free, acknowledging that "You'd better thank me for the rest of your life." We're certain that for allowing Stone Cold Snake Austin to enjoy a peaceful existence once more, Fond is getting a resounding "hell yeah!" from the Florida snake community. Meanwhile, Fond joins the ranks of other legendary animal advocates, like the woman who pulled a skunk out of a Burger King cup, or the zoo worker who took a bear out for ice cream.