Florida Man Force-Feeds Beer To Florida Gator Because Florida

Two Florida men were arrested last week on one felony charge each of unlawfully taking an alligator. The first Florida man captured the gator with his bare hands. The second Florida man enticed the gator to bite his arm and then poured beer down the reptile's throat. The alligator was not happy.

The two Florida men took video of the incident, which was how the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission got wind of it. (The commission has not released the video to the public.) They claim they had each had a couple of beers, but were not drunk. Because they are Florida men! And they live in Stuart, Florida, on the east coast, where there is not a hell of a lot going on. So, why not pick up a random gator in the neighborhood and share a beer with it?

A third person, a Florida woman, was with the Florida men at the time and told officers that she thought the gator bit the second Florida man "because of his actions," reports TC Palm, a local news website. It was not because it was displeased by the beer. (The brand was unreported.)