Florida Cop Not Letting Go Of His Tainted-Burger King Conspiracy Theory

Fort Myers, Florida police officer Timothy McCormick says he knows his burger was messed with. The veteran cop is referring to a burger he recently ordered from a Burger King, which he says had dirt or some other substance smeared onto it by employees. Even after a police review of surveillance video (yes, really) found that his food hadn't been tampered with, the Fort Myers News-Press reports McCormick stands by his claim that employees tainted it. He points to the word "police" printed at the top of his receipt; he says workers messed with his food because he is a cop.

McCormick himself watched the kitchen video, which shows Burger King workers preparing his Sourdough King in a normal fashion. That hasn't convinced him to abandon his claim, though.

"That was not my sandwich," McCormick told the News-Press. "I agree that, in that video, there's nothing going on. I saw nothing wrong in that video."

McCormick's claims have caused a sensation after he posted about the incident on Facebook ("I probably would not have put it on social media" he says in hindsight). His complaint went all the way to the CEO of Quality Dining Inc., the company that franchises that particular Burger King location. The CEO then invited the Fort Myers Police Department to review the kitchen video footage.

"This has my full and undivided attention," CEO Dan Fitzpatrick told the News-Press a few days ago.

Review of the video led police and Quality Dining Inc. to conclude that the brown substance was most likely char or seasoning blend. McCormick doesn't seem convinced, but he should take comfort in the knowledge that hey, the alleged burger-tainting could have been a lot worse.