Behold The "House Of Budweiser"

Criticizing someone's home and decorating choices is very much like criticizing what they eat. Sure, you might not agree with what they're doing, but only hurt feelings and ruination can come from letting someone know that you think they're living their life wrong. So, let us not do that, and instead of condemning someone for their eccentric interior design choices, let us instead celebrate their dedication and craft, and delight in what is being referred to as the "House of Budweiser."

As reported by multiple news sites (with a hat tip to the New York Post, which first alerted us to the story), the House of Bud is actually a 2-bed 2-bath condo in Lake Worth, Florida that until recently was owned by Michael Amelotte, a Navy veteran who spent 16 years lining the walls with cans of Budweiser. When Amelotte died of cancer at the age of 69 only the bathrooms of the 815-square-foot home remain un-weisered, and none of this seemed to have hurt his family's ability to sell the now vacant home. The Post reports that the home went into contract on September 15 for more than its $100,000 asking price and that the buyer is now waiting to be approved by the building's condo association.

The House of Budweiser is, let's be honest, pretty awesome. The attention to detail, particularly around the doors and moulding, is detailed, and for a house made of aluminum cans it's surprisingly nice. Of course, there's no guarantee that the new owner will retain the unique decor. But, as noted in Budweiser's tweet, if they do, the Budweiser corporation will stock their fridge with Bud in perpetuity, as long as they don't make any changes.

As someone who writes about and consumes beer on a fairly regular basis, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about AB InBev (Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV corporation), and my opinions are sometimes uncharitable. But what I think about the company is inconsequential. Michael Amelotte seemingly really loved Budweiser, and his decorating skills, if a bit idiosyncratic, belie that love and loyalty to a degree that is truly impressive.