Fleetwood McDonald's Workers Got To Meet Fleetwood Mac

Some Dreams came true for employees of a McDonald's in Fleetwood, England, who were invited to hang backstage with Fleetwood Mac. Get it, because they're both Fleetwood Macs? The Rumours are true: NME reports employees of The Chain got to hang with the band after an online campaign caught Fleetwood Mac's attention.

The original campaign wanted to see goddess-walking-among-us Stevie Nicks work a shift at the Fleetwood McDonald's, but instead, the band invited what appears to be roughly a dozen employee of the fast-food restaurant to enjoy a Wembley Stadium concert earlier this week from some VIP backstage digs. Not exactly the same as Stevie Nicks dishing up McNuggets, but Oh Well, pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those McDonald's employees.

"I'm still amazed the band got in touch. We're lucky our restaurant shares a name with such an iconic band," Fleetwood McDonald's franchisee Nigel Dunnington told NME.

No one asked, but I am stewing here in my own jealousy and FOMO while listening to my well-worn copy of Rumours. I'm also more than happy to turn this into an entire Stevie Nicks appreciation thread, if anyone is ready for that. If not, just use this affirmation as your Thursday motivation.