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Flamin' Hot Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant Will Feature Burritos, Wings, And Milkshakes

Flamin' Hot Cheetos is an acquired taste that some people just seem to love beyond reasonable comprehension. (One of our writers even tried to make Cheetos ranch dressing, cheesecake, and corn dogs). The Flamin' Hot Cheetos love is so strong that Cheetos announces in a press release this week that it's teaming up with celebrated Los Angeles chef, Roy Choi, to open a pop-up restaurant called The Flamin' Hot Spot. The brand's first such pop-up in 2017 was booked in less than two hours "and had thousands adding their name to the wait list." The restaurant will only be open from Tuesday, September 18 through Thursday, September 20. And as with its predecessor, reservations are already filled (you can still sign up for the waitlist—good luck).

According to the menu at CheetosFlaminHotSpot.com, these unusual Cheetos-inspired food items blend Choi's "signature So-Cal culinary style with Flamin' Hot Cheetos." The "fiery menu" lists such delicacies as Flamin' Hot Chipotle Ranch wings, Cheetos Sweetos Hot Cakes, and Chester Cheetah's Churros. Flamin' Hot Cheetos fans who aren't on the list but would really like to check out these dishes can get the recipes on the website, which all involve bags of crushed Flamin' Hot Chetos. The press release notes that all of the recipe ingredients can also be ordered through AmazonFresh, for a sort-of Cheetos-based meal kit service.