Fish Feel Pain, More Fish = More Sex, And More Breaking Fish News

Good morning. Here is some fish news.

Hey everybody, it turns out fish feel pain

A piece by the Washington Post's Tim Carman has arrived to confirm that every nightmare I had after seeing The Little Mermaid was real, and that fish do, in fact, "meet [the] criteria for sentience, including the ability to experience positive and negative emotions." Scientists have said as much for years, but now the seafood industry and the government are catching up. Carman's piece sums it all up, and it's well worth a read.


Science: People who eat more fish have more sex

They also get pregnant faster. All this comes from a study, reported on in the New York Times, in which 501 couples kept records of their diets, behavior, and health. Couples who ate fish were doin' the deed 22 percent more frequently; even when researched controlled for all the extra sex, couples who ate fish frequently were 13 percent more likely to be knocked up after 12 months than those who didn't.


No, eating fish while pregnant won’t increase the risk of autism

The concern that eating fish while pregnant could cause autism, which I knew nothing about, centers on mercury. It is also apparently bogus, says Newsweek. Turns out eating fish "may be beneficial for the development of a healthy nervous system." Also: so tasty.


North Dakota man catches huge walleye, breaking nearly 60-year record

This is Neal Leier. He looks so happy! That fish was probably in total agony when he caught it.

Here’s how to grill a fish whole