Finally, Chinese Hot-Pot Toothpaste

A Chinese company is selling hot-pot-flavored toothpaste. That's all, folks! Thank you, good night, we'll see you tomorrow when our guests will be Marilu Henner and Rick Dees!

Oh, you want to know more? Here's a tweet that's going around:

Allow yours truly and his tenuous grasp of Chinese to explain. The toothpaste is called Ling Suan Leng 冷酸灵, and they're collaborating with Xian Long Kan 小龙坎, a well-known hot-pot chain throughout China (there's also outposts in Vancouver, Singapore, New Zealand etc.).

The toothpaste is being sold as a limited-edition gift box for 29.9 Chinese RMB, which is a very reasonable $4.38 in U.S. dollars. There are three flavors offered: Medium-Hot, Slightly Hot (under the banner of Sichuan-Chengdu flavor), and a very hot flavor that I can vaguely translate to "Rumor," which sounds even more terrifying.

The details are vague (as is my Chinese), but the ad states it'll go on the market on the 10th of the month (didn't specify which month) at 10 o'clock, and that there will only be 300 sets available.

Anyway, hot-pot-flavored toothpaste. I love you, my Chineasy peeps.