FDA: No Ya Jabronies, Sunscreen Pills Don't Work

The Food And Drug Administration has basically become the federal agency behaving most like your exasperated mom. The agency, rolling its eyes, has had to remind teens not to snort chocolate; and has been forced to wag its finger at companies packaging their nicotine products like candy. Now, tired of your shenanigans, the FDA is warning consumers that no, sunscreens pills don't work.


In a statement, the FDA announced it sent warning letters to manufacturers of pills, capsules, and supplements that make "unproven claims" to protect customers from the sun's damaging rays. So, to reiterate, you cannot take a sunscreen pill and expect that shit to work.

The FDA would also like to remind you that legit sunscreens exist, in the forms of creams and sprays and lotions—not pills. Again, sunscreen pills are crap. The agency calls out four products by name, urging customers not to believe the claims made by Advanced Skin Brightening Formula, Sunsafe Rx, Solaricare, and Sunergetic.

"When the FDA sees companies taking advantage of people's desire to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun—we'll step in," the agency said in its statement. "There's no pill or capsule that can replace your sunscreen."


Are we clear? Now go clean up your room.