Can An Internet Quiz Really Sort Us Into Tidy Little Piles Based On Our Favorite Foods?

Humans are strange creatures, full of all kinds of messy foibles and contradictions. Still, there's something pretty dang satisfying about a personality quiz that puts you into a neat little box. Categorization is security, people, and Buzzfeed is here to help with the site's latest food quiz: an A-Z food quiz designed to "reveal your personality type" based on your favorite foods.

The quiz asks you to select a food for each letter of the alphabet, allowing you to choose from six options that all begin with the same letter. (Apple pie and avocado toast for 'A,' for example.) The whole thing takes about three minutes from top to bottom. When you finish, you'll be tidily sorted—unless, like me, you're labeled as am "ambivert" which tells me nothing about myself. Oh, I'm a nuanced person with varied characteristics informed by my life experiences? Grow up, Buzzfeed.

The quiz is mysterious in many ways, especially given the many different classifications of a specific dish listed throughout. Like, we see "arugula salad" under the letter A and "iceberg salad" under the letter I. But we also see plain old "salad" under the letter S. Is there a difference in personality types based on which salad we select? Does an arugula salad suggest a certain level of extroversion? Are iceberg people presumably more... icy? Whatever. It's almost the holidays. Kick back and take the quiz yourself, and feel free to sound off down below if you receive conflicting results.