Last Call: What Are Your Favorite British Comedies?

I always hear parents complaining about how their sweet babies are growing up too fast, and I don't really understand this because babies are annoying and not the least bit interesting. My sons are 11 and 12, and while they smell terrible and are not really cute anymore, they're exponentially more awesome than they were when they were babies.

Case in point: they are finally old enough to share my love of British comedy, and genuinely find them funny. I started them off with Father Ted about a year ago, and am slowly getting them into Monty Python's Flying Circus—it's easy to love Spam and Gumbys, but they're still not old enough to understand 19th century German philosophy or the art of summarizing Proust.

Currently we've been watching The Mighty Boosh, and Horrible Histories is almost always playing on our TV for background noise. I think this Friday we'll be watching The Pink Panther for our weekly family movie night. What else should I be putting on their required viewing list?