McDonald's Shrimp And Chicago Dogs: The Week's Top Fast Food Stories

Plus, Bojangles is expanding with new locations, and we share the best fast food chains in the South.

Chick-fil-A isn't the only fast food chain in the South—there are so many more to enjoy. We cover them all in our top fast food news of the week, as well as the shrimp sandwich served at McDonald's Japan, the newest locations of regional fried chicken chain Bojangles, and the true victor in the battle between Portillo's Chicago Dog and Wienerschnitzel's Chicago Dog. Read on for the top fast food stories of the week.

Bojangles Is Expanding to New States

National expansion is a lofty goal for any fast food chain—just ask Portillo's, Wienerschnitzel, or In-N-Out Burger—and it can be especially challenging when so many competitors already offer similar menus filled with breakfast sandwiches and burgers. However, Bojangles, a regional fried chicken chain, has a plan to stand out in the fast food landscape as it grows, QSR Magazine reports. - Angela L. Pagán Read More


Wienerschnitzel vs. Portillo’s: A Chicago Dog Showdown

Wienerschnitzel is a hot-dog-centric fast food chain currently in the midst of expanding, but many are wondering if the California-based restaurant famous for its chili dogs will be able to cut the mustard in the Midwest. In order to stand up to a beloved juggernaut like Portillo's, Wienerschnitzel is going to have to nail the fundamentals. Namely, a classic Chicago dog. Whose is better? - Danny Palumbo Read More


17 Southern Fast Food Chains to Put on Your Road Trip Radar

When you're on a road trip, half the fun is the license to eat fast food on the go. And in the South, there are real gems to be found among the global franchises. After all, both Waffle House and Popeyes started down here, and they're national treasures. Here are 17 others to enjoy. - Su-Jit Lin Read More


McDonald’s Japan Serves an Unbeatable Shrimp Burger

McDonald's Global Menu Restaurant, part of the McDonald's Global Headquarters in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood, offers a menu full of international McDonald's items not typically available in the United States. Right now, that means the Ebi Filet-O, a shrimp sandwich from McDonald's Japan that ought to be on the U.S. menu year-round. - Marnie Shure Read More