Would You Get Tatted To Win Free Burgers For A Year?

A tattoo is a powerful form of self-expression. You can get Tweety Bird tattooed on your butt cheek to let future suitors know that you're all about having a good time. You can get the words "DON'T LICK" tattooed on your knuckles to dissuade strangers from licking you. Or you can get a pre-designed burger joint logo tattooed across your flesh to win free burgers for a year.

Southern California-based Farmer Boys is commemorating its 40th anniversary with a new promotion inviting dedicated fans to get inked in exchange for free Farmer Boys burgers for a year. The restaurant has partnered with two tattoo shops: The Honorable Society in West Hollywood and Rockin Ink Tattoo in Las Vegas. If you live near either tattoo shop, you must schedule your Farmer Boys tattoo appointment online by May 21 to be eligible.

If you decide to move forward with your fresh Farmer Boys tattoo, you'll get one free burger every week for 52 weeks. Guests must be a member of the restaurant's Very Important Farmer (VIF) Loyalty Club to claim their freebies. Sounds like a great stunt for tattoo lovers, but there's one potential issue: you have to choose from three permanent color designs, each measuring two inches by two inches. That's not a huge tattoo by any means, but the pre-determined design means you can't be choosy about your new ink. That, combined with the cost of the tattoo, may or may not be worth one free burger a year. And they don't say anything about fries.