Fargo Brewing Company Puts Adoptable Dogs' Faces On Beer Labels For Most Adorable Six-Pack Ever

Adoptable dogs named for Taco Bell menu items were previously the greatest culinary/canine crossover—until North Dakota's Fargo Brewing Company began selling cans of beer with portraits of adoptable dogs on the label. Truly, we are blessed to live in a world in which both exist.

News station KVRR brought the labels to national attention—which hopefully translates into homes for the dogs in need. The dogs featured on Fargo Brewing's cans are adoptable through Fargo's 4 Luv Of Dog shelter and include what are presumably very good boys and girls. The dogs featured on the cans are even more in need of adopting than most, as five of them are so-called "wonder dogs" who prefer to be in homes without children or other pets, making their odds of adoption slimmer.

The six dogs pictured on the cans of lager are named Nyx, Bizzy, Jensen, Hobie, Moby, and Virginia; those dogs were the guests of honor at a special event at the brewery yesterday that hoped to find them permanent homes. Here's hoping they each found a thirsty, kind-hearted human to go home with.

Here's also hoping you'll enjoy our list of rejected headlines for this story, which ate roughly 20 minutes of our time today:

  • Fargo Brewing Company puts adoptable dogs' faces on beer labels, creating most barketable beer ever
  • Six pug: Fargo Brewing Company puts adoptable dogs' faces on beer labels
  • Fargo Brewing Company puts labradorable dogs' faces on beer labels
  • We call dibs on Moby
  • Dog beer dog beer dog beer dog beer