Mystery Man Dishes Out Benjamins To Fast Food Workers

An anonymous local is making it rain in Fall River, Mass.

What would you do with an extra hundo right now? I'd put it toward some of the whimsical kitchen gadgets readers recommended in the comments of this post. Or, you know, my rent. Recently, fast food workers in Fall River, Massachusetts have come into some quick cash—by way of a mystery man who's been showering local businesses with hundred-dollar bills.

Local news outlet Fall River Reporter has the story. The Reporter interviewed Vanessa Bly, who works at a sandwich shop and was initially wary of the mystery benefactor. "I was actually nervous because it's strange to have some random person asking if it was just my coworker and myself working, and if not, how many others were here," Bly told the Reporter. "I told him four of us, and he reached in his pocket, took out a wad of cash, counted out four $100 bills, placed it behind my plexiglass and said he wanted every one of us to get one—he would be watching—and to have a good day."

Now, there have been reports of the mystery man stopping in to distribute cash at numerous other businesses. One report comes from an area Wendy's, where he is said to have given each of the workers a $100 bill before dishing out two more hundreds to waiting customers and thanking them for their patience. He's also been spotted at a Tropical Smoothie Cafe, a Five Guys, a Stop and Shop, and a Supercuts. (One report alleges that he walked into a Fall River McDonald's, but the general manager would not allow the workers to accept the money. Boo!)

Now, the Reporter is hoping to nail down the man's identity. "We have also been told two different descriptions of the man, so it is possible that it is not a mystery man, but mystery men," the publication adds, asking that any tips be sent via email to