Facebook Doesn't "Like" Tacobook Taqueria

Everett, Washington is home to a small business called Tacobook. No, not that taco book. This Tacobook. Tacobook Taqueria opened in 2016, drawing inspiration in its name and design from a certain social network you may have heard of. But according to local newspaper The Herald, that social network was not pleased with the homage.

Owners Rigoberto Bastida and Deisy Ramos told The Herald they received a letter from a law firm this spring informing them that Facebook considered their taqueria an unauthorized use of its intellectual property. At first, the couple thought the letter was a joke or scam, but a customer with legal experience looked it over and assured them: Yep, Facebook has a problem with Tacobook.

The restaurant brainstormed new names—it's worth reading The Herald's account just for these rejected options—but eventually decided to simply redo the restaurant's formerly blue-and-white color scheme and add a hyphen. Tacobook is now Taco-Book.

Nothing against Taco-Book, but the hyphen renders the whole thing a bit... confusing. What's a Taco-Book? Is that when I spill al pastor on my Macbook? Taco-Book could have gone with any of the following—we'll even let them use these for free. Thank us in tacos.

  • Tacogram
  • TikTaco
  • Snaptaco
  • Tacochat
  • Linkedtaco
  • And The Takeout's personal favorite:

    • Facetaco