Negative Facebook Post About A Restaurant Led To Drive-By Shooting In Florida

I wish there was anything not-terrible about this story, but there is nothing not-terrible about this story. In order to minimize the amount of time you'll spend poring over the details, I'm going to distill the ordeal to its most salient points:

  • Per the Orlando Sentinel, on August 20, a woman named Monica Walley wrote a negative Facebook post about an Orlando, Florida restaurant called Daybreak Diner. In it, she claimed the restaurant refused service to her disabled mother.
  • The son of the owner of Daybreak Diner allegedly became upset upon reading the post.
  • He and his friends were drinking beer.
  • They all got even more upset.
  • The son, Michael Johnson, and his two friends, Jesse Martin and Norman Auvil, then apparently decided to drive to Walley's house after finding her address online, according to a police affidavit. Auvil reportedly fired three gunshots into the home; no one was injured.
  • Police have arrested the alleged shooter, who is being held in county jail on bond.
  • That is all for this terrible chain of events that began with one, solo, singular negative post about a restaurant.

    I'm sorry. If you need an upper to chase that downer, here's a video of Charlie Brown meeting Snoopy for the first time.