Eric Trump Went To A Fancy Chicago Cocktail Bar And Got Spat On

Some context: The Aviary is like the Alice in Wonderland of cocktail bars, a place where drinks are served in porthole vessels or in sphere/foam/gelee form (there's an outpost in New York City, but the original is in Chicago). Eric Trump is the son of the current President of these United States. The latter found himself in the former on Tuesday night.

And then came this tweet from NBC Chicago reporter Mary Ann Ahern:

The Chicago Tribune provided more details: A female employee of The Aviary was taken into custody, though Breitbart News reported that Trump was not pressing charges against the woman, and The New York Times said the employee was released after two hours. Breitbart also quoted Trump as saying: "It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems."

So, politicians are still being confronted at restaurants and bars, huh? Mitch McConnell was called a "Turtle Head" in a Louisville, Kentucky restaurant parking lot; Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant by its owner; Stephen Miller got an earful while getting takeout sushi;, Kirstjen Nielsen too had her dinner interrupted by protesters at a D.C. Mexican restaurant.

The Aviary was named Outstanding Bar Program from the James Beard Foundation in 2013, ostensibly, an award for the best bar in the country. It responded to NBC Chicago Wednesday morning: