Would You Care To Unwind With A Pepsi-Scented Face Mask?

Anybody else develop new stress-related aches and pains this year? Personally, I've been clenching my jaw so hard that my dentist recommended wearing my mouth guard day and night. (Sure, I'll get... right on that.) Fortunately, Pepsi is here to save the day for a lucky few: the brand just dropped the Pepsi Spa Kit, a three-part pampering system that includes a Pepsi Blue face mask. Goodbye, stress; hello, cystic acne.

According to a press release from Pepsi, the ever-stressful holiday season prompted the promotion. "We know people are looking for ways to relax at home more than ever: DIY face mask tutorials have been viewed over a billion times in the last three months and guided meditation videos have seen a recent 40% uptick in views," the release claims. Enter the Pepsi Spa Kit, designed to help Pepsi lovers "find a tiny moment of zen and relaxation at home."

The kit includes:

  • An exfoliating Cola-Scented Pepsi Sugar Scrub
  • Refreshing Pepsi Blue Face Mask
  • Fizzy, Fun Pepsi Cola-Scented Bath Bomb
  • According to the release, the goods are "inspired by the brand's signature taste, look and feel." This leads me to believe that the face mask may not actually contain real Pepsi. If you'd like to find out for yourself, all you have to do is answer Pepsi's riddles three enter yet another social media sweepstakes. Sorry.

    The sweepstakes starts today, and you unfortunately must slither into Twitter's murky depths to win. Pepsi asks that fans use the hashtags #PepsiSpa and #Sweepstakes and tag a friend to enter for a chance to win. While I do have my quibbles about these sweepstakes promotions—they're pretty thinly-veiled marketing ploys, and it seems like there's a new one every few hours—I could table my pride for the sake of a free bath bomb. Better than wearing a mouthguard all day.