Enjoy A Cocktail Gone Wild With The Bright And Fruity Spring Fling

Pisco sours aren't everyone's cup of pisco sours, but pisco's red fruit character lends itself nicely to plenty of great, bright flavor possibilities.

Bartender Laura Kelton of Sportsman's Club in Chicago borrows from the classic pisco punch cocktail, typically made with pineapple and citrus, and builds on pisco's floral quality with orange Curaçao and grenadine.

This is a drink, Kelton said, that is "refreshing, light, and great for those who tend to favor clear spirits like vodka and gin."

Spring Fling

1.5 oz. pisco0.5 oz. tart cherry liqueur0.5 oz. orange liqueur (Curaçao or Mandarine Napoleon)0.75 oz. lime juice0.25 oz. grenadineCherry for garnish

Combine in a shaker tin with ice. Shake, pour, and garnish with a cherry.