English World Cup Team Reportedly Not Eating Russian Room Service Over Poisoning Fears

Stakes are certainly high at the World Cup, but some teams are more cautious than others. After the March nerve agent attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, the English soccer team now faces a food ban while they stay in Russia for the games. The Sun reports that security around kitchens is on "high alert" with the team "under strict orders to reject any food not approved by their expert chefs." Nutritionists and chefs have been flown to their hotel.

While the teammates are not allowed to grab anything from the mini-bar or room service, then, rest assured that they're still eating something to get them to peak performance for their many matchups. Says The Sun, "Players are snacking on items such as sushi and oatcakes with cream cheese. Only drinks such as herbal teas made by the nutritionists are allowed." The players have to eat about 5,000 calories at five meals during the tournament, which may consist of "tiny pieces of dark and white chocolate, small dishes of apple or brownies. Breakfast will include up to five eggs, cooked how each player prefers." Guess victory requires a lot of protein: So far the team has defeated Tunisia 2-1, and faces Panama on Sunday, June 24.