English Great-Grandmother Drank 4 Cans Of Pepsi Every Day For 64 Years

Well, here's a new one (to me, at least): The Guardian reports today on "monophagy," a condition in which a person eats only one food. Similar to Andrew Hawryluk, who apparently ate the same meal at Chipotle in Los Angeles for 186 consecutive days. Or Mike Roman, from Hackensack, New Jersey, who says he has eaten a plain cheese pizza for dinner every night for the past 37 years. I do remember reading somewhere that Jennifer Aniston had the same lunch—chicken caesar salad—every day for all the years she was on Friends.

Circling near this category, but not completely—as she still eats other things—is Jackie Page, a 77-year-old great-grandmother from Carshalton in Surrey, England, who "has revealed that she drinks four cans of Pepsi every day." My insulin level spiked just reading that. Not only that, she has done so since she was 13 years old, so for 64 years. The Guardian does the math so you don't have to: that's "about 93,500 cans of Pepsi across 23,375 consecutive days." She must have the most profitable dentist in all of Surrey.

She couldn't care less what her dentist or anyone else thinks about her, um, inclination, however: "It's just something I like and I can't help it if I don't like anything else... I have never drank water—and even if I was dying [of thirst], no way would I." Damn. Could Pepsi's combo of a ton of sugar along with artificial flavorings possibility have contributed to this granny's considerable longevity and tenacity? I suppose at this point a switch to Diet Pepsi would be relatively futile. Not that she would even consider it.