Employee Who Showed Kindness To Shopper With Autism Is Gifted $110,000 For College

Every few weeks, a feel-good story makes its rounds on the internet and garners its subjects their 15-minutes of online fame. We read the stories, experience a brief flicker of faith in humanity, and then move on, never to consider those people again. That's what makes the story of a Baton Rouge supermarket employee—who invited a shopper with autism to help him stock groceries—quite different.

See, this story has a follow-up, and it's just as heartwarming as the original story itself. The young supermarket employee, Jordan Taylor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, inspired so many people with his kindness toward a customer with autism that a GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $110,000 to send him to college. Fox News reports a GoFundMe spokesman says it's currently the most popular campaign on the site.

The customer Taylor helped is named Jack Ryan, and his sister is the individual who launched the GoFundMe page to thank Taylor for being so kind to her brother. She writes: "Jack Ryan was watching Jordan stock the coolers when Jordan asked Jack if he'd like to help. The smile on Jack's face said all of the words that he couldn't. Jack and Jordan stocked the coolers as a team, Jordan encouraging Jack Ryan as he finished each task."

According to the GoFundMe description, Taylor is interested in math and might like to be a teacher after graduating college. In related news, our Grinch hearts just grew two sizes.