Maybe We Shouldn't Drink Elon Musk's Car-Themed Beer?

The billionaire announced a "GigaBier" alongside a slew of new Tesla projects.

Today I learned that Tesla's European manufacturing plant, known as Giga Berlin, hosts an annual County Fair. Unfortunately, you won't find butter sculptures or show-stopping baked goods at this fair; it's mostly an excuse for Elon Musk and Friends to show off their newest innovations to company stakeholders and curious Berliners. This year's fair occurred last weekend, and Musk took the opportunity to tease a new "GigaBier" debuting on the Berlin factory's property.

Teslarati reports that Musk teased the brew, including it in a list of plans for the factory campus. Musk reportedly mentioned a new train station on the property, a plan for a series of "graffiti murals," and, finally, the new "GigaBier," during a public address. Musk also showed off a rendering of the new beer's packaging, which is modeled after Tesla's futuristic Cybertruck, a soon-to-be-released electric pickup truck. The packaging is all sleek, hard angles and neon blue text, suggesting that the brand's icy-cold efficiency extends to the brewing process. There's no mention, however, as to what style of beer GigaBier might be. But, honestly, the beer looks like something a suds-loving extraterrestrial would knock back after a hard day.

The GigaBier will no doubt be a hit, serving as yet another gimmick for Tesla fans. (Is there a distinct connection between Musk fanboys and people who enjoy foul-tasting beer? Time for a case study.) Still, the campaign begs the question: should the CEO of a vehicle company be promoting an alcoholic beverage? I suppose car-themed booze could become more of a trend as we enter the age of self-driving vehicles, but it does seem like a funky association.

Questionable marketing aside, I'll admit that I'm curious about the GigaBier's flavor profile. My hypothesis: it tastes like tires. I have no evidence that the beer tastes like tires; this is strictly bias on my part. Either way, I guess "GigaBier" sounds better than "MuskBeer."