Elite Egg, Day 2: Soft-Boiled Vs. Baked, Plus Over-Easy Battles Over-Medium

Previously on Elite Egg, number-one seed scrambled eked out a close win over the surprisingly scrappy hardboiled, and seventh-seeded sunny-side up had its yolk punctured by the ascendant poached egg. Read the rules, such as they are, here.


First-round Twitter results from Takeout readers:

Today: The remaining four entrants in round one.  

Soft-boiled (4) vs. Baked (5)

Good god, I love a baked egg. I love putting them in a little ramekin, letting that oven do its thing, top with salt and pepper, and dipping a nice piece of toast point in the result. I love cracking a nice egg into a big, halved avocado, and popping that sucker in the toaster oven for 20 minutes. It's a seriously underrated way to prep an egg, particularly if you love a runny egg and being able to control the flight of the yolk. If this silly bracket does one thing, I hope it convinces some of you to try this method. Because y'all are missing out.


As Elizabeth Bennett said in Pride And Prejudice, "What delight! What felicity! You give me fresh life and vigor. Adieu to disappointment and spleen. What are young men to rocks and mountains?" Just substitute "baked eggs" for "rocks and mountains," and "other eggs" for "young men."

There. I've said my piece. Now, baked eggs, prepare for defeat.

A soft-boiled egg has nearly all the advantages of the hard-boiled egg—versatility, simplicity, deliciousness—with the pluses of a gorgeous runny yolk, an even softer egg white, and the undeniable pleasure of being best served in an otherwise useless kitchen accessory that is cute and fancy. Baked eggs are great. Soft-boiled eggs are a contender for the win. In fact, I want one right now—and were I near my egg-cooker, I could have one in minutes.


Advancing: Soft-boiled egg

Over-easy (3) vs. Over-medium (6)

Now that is some good seeding. That's some Michigan vs. Michigan State shit, right there.

The egg over-easy isn't all that easy to make, until you get the hang of the flip. It has that advantage over the poor, dear, eliminated sunny-side up egg. But what it lacks in can't-mess-it-upedness, it gains in the improved taste and textural experience. When cooked properly, you get crispiness from the white and a glorious runny yolk, all in one. It doesn't have that cheerful sunny-side up look, but it's enough to set a mouth watering. A rightful third seed. What's better with hash browns, I ask?


And then I answer: over-medium eggs.

The over-medium egg isn't like anything else in this bracket. The yolk is still somewhat runny, but also creamy, almost silken. The whites are still crispy, but slightly crispier. And when you pierce the yolk, it's not like a dam breaking and destroying all of breakfast town. As with the baked egg, you get the benefit of control.

Our first upset more than earns its victory. Congratulations, over-medium egg, you scrappy upstart. As god is my witness, I am going to meet you for lunch.

Advancing: Over-medium

Results after round one:

Tomorrow: The semi-finals!