Eli Manning Gets His Own Beer

Eli Manning, the longtime New York Giants quarterback and noted beer fan, will announce his retirement tomorrow. (Question: if it's already known that he will be announcing his retirement, is it really an announcement?) Naturally, he will be showered with praise and reminiscences of highlights of his glorious NFL career. (Please don't ask me what any of those are. I work very hard to avoid football and anyway, I live in Chicago.) But Source Brewing of Colts Neck, New Jersey, has actually thought to get him a goodbye gift: his very own beer. Well, a beer that's named after him.

The beer is called ELIte Tribute. It is unclear whether that's pronounced like "Eli" or "elite" or somewhere in between. It's a New England IPA; yes, football people have already pointed out the irony that New England is home to the Manning's nemeses the Patriots. The Asbury Park Press reports that "ELIte Tribute boasts notes of tangerine, blueberry, red Starburst candies, ripe peaches and roses, with a mellow mouthfeel and only subtle bitterness and 8 percent ABV." (Is Manning a fan of Starbursts? Inquiring minds want to know.) Manning's statistics are printed on each can, so drinkers can pretend they are true fans with encyclopedic knowledge of his achievements. It sells for $18 per four-pack, but alas, the cans are all sold out. However, Source will also be serving it on tap this weekend at its tasting room, at the Asbury Park Beerfest, and at a few other taverns around town.