Did You Know Electrocuted Hot Dogs Can Make Music? Now You Do!

Back in the Beforetimes, a million years ago (all right, February), Takeout contributor John Carruthers undertook a series of bold cooking experiments with his Presto HogDogger, a midcentury contraption that cooked hot dogs via electrocution. We all thought cooking was the only thing you could do with hot dogs and electricity. We thought wrong. Behold:

I'm not entirely sure of the mechanics behind all of this. It looks like the hot dogs are being used as speakers? And they make interesting noises when they're combined in various combinations?

Twitter has determined that this is the work of Echo Lightwave Unspeakable, a Pittsburgh-based sound artist whose work consists of experiments in sound. He has been endorsed by his college roommate, who tweeted, "Can confirm he is both a technical and comedic genius."

But here is something to do in your kitchen if you get bored with cooking or baking bread or doing dishes or watching your sourdough starter bloom. And you can dance to it!