Egg Photo Officially More Popular On Instagram Than Kylie Jenner

Until this weekend, the record for most-liked Instagram post was held by this photo of Kylie Jenner holding hands with her daughter Stormi. With 18.3 million likes, it seemed impossible that the photo could be bested—until this photo of a brown egg came along. Yes, this simple photo of lightly speckled brown egg has shattered the record with 30 million likes and counting. How did this happen?

The egg had a dream. Its account, @world_record_egg, has posted only that single photo, and its bio states its mission clearly: "EGG GANG 🌍, Official world record holders of the most liked picture on Instagram." The egg photo account existed solely to break the record, and through sheer momentum and force of will (not to discount the visual merits of the photo), achieved its goal. Kylie Jenner responded by attempting to fry an egg on hot pavement.

And so, 2019 begins in a way none of us could have predicted: a simple egg is more popular on Instagram than Kylie Jenner. No dream is impossible.