You're Invited To A Virtual Dinner Party With Edgar Allan Poe And Vincent Price

No city loves Edgar Allan Poe quite like Baltimore. It's the place where the master of literary horror spent his childhood, launched his writing career, lived in poverty, and died under mysterious circumstances. As it goes with many of history's greatest artists, Poe's brilliance was only understood years after his death, which led to his body being exhumed from his unmarked pauper's grave and moved to the cemetery of Westminster Hall, where he was interred beside heroes of the American Revolution and the War of 1812, wealthy merchants and titans of industry, and some of the powerful politicians that helped build one of the most important cities in our nation's history.

The first anniversary of his reburial was celebrated with a high-society soiree, and ever since, Edgar Allan Poe has been not merely acknowledged by the people of Baltimore, but revered. You'll see his face in murals painted across the city. The name of the city's football team, the Ravens, is an homage to his best-known poem. His house has been well preserved, turned into a museum that keeps Poe's spirit alive with tours, festivals, and educational programs—many of which, in the wake of coronavirus, are now happening online. This is great news for those of you who don't live in Baltimore, because, as a resident of this fine city, I can attest to the excellence of the Poe Society's programming, which is why I implore all you horror fans out there to check out this Saturday's virtual "dinner and a movie," celebrating House of Usher's 60th anniversary, featuring a menu cooked up by the movie's star, Vincent Price.

In addition to being a horror legend, Vincent Price was a well-known gourmand and author of several cookbooks. At this Saturday's event, attendees will prepare a dish and dessert from his most famous book, A Treasury of Great Recipes, guided by Chef Elizabeth Dinice of the super haunted Lord Baltimore Hotel, and Price's daughter, Victoria, a horror author in her own right. Ingredients and wine pairings will be emailed to attendees for shopping ahead of time, but the menu remains a surprise. (If you're not a fan of dinnertime suspense, check out these Price recipes for Steak Diane or Trout in a Dishwasher.)

Tickets for the tastiest horror event of the year can be purchased here, with all funds benefitting the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum.