World's Least Popular Food Opinion Discovered: Eating Cereal With Water

Say we were in possession of a shiny trophy with a plaque that read World's Least Popular Food Opinion. We've hung on to this trophy for years, as no one has yet hit upon the most reviled, denigrated food opinion. Mayo-and-peanut-butter was a contender, until we found the combination to be surprisingly pleasant. That bagel-slicing controversy? Also not the worst ever. But this week, we may have found it: The internet's least popular food opinion. Drumroll, please... This person thinks cereal tastes better in water than in milk.

Posting on the "unpopular opinions" subreddit, the Reddit poster asserts they are "a true believer that cereal with water is better." They explain that their friends excoriated them for this opinion, and then seek back-up from, where else, strangers on the internet. "The taste of milk conflicts with the taste of the cereal, whereas water does not," the Reddit user explains, in vain. "While still getting the same texture, water does not ruin the taste of cereal." Even a video of water-cereal fails to aid the cause.

I almost feel sympathy for this person, who came to a forum dedicated to unpopular opinions, and still found nary a supporter. The most popular reply on the thread is simply: "You disgust me." Other replies include "I would rather be tortured than drink swampy fruit loop water," and "I've never talked to a demon before. Is hell hot or cold?" Ouch. There's even more pushback here than Kylie Jenner received when she revealed she just tried cereal with milk for the first time at age 21. Of course, there is a chance this person isn't for real, and is expressing this opinion as some strange way of earning internet attention. But if he's sincere, our hearts go out to this lonely soul, probably crying into a bowl of soggy, salty cereal-water mush.