Dunkin' Decrees Autumn Begins August 21

Pumpkin spice often gets a bum rap. After all, it's not a gourd or cinnamon's fault that its frequent overuse has led to years of whinging about "basic" palates, or that restaurants often decide to push it until even its most ardent fans are left begging for a reprieve.

However, there's one thing most can likely agree upon: Nowadays, pumpkin spice options are showing up way too early in the year. Right around this time last year, the Takeout staff found itself debating whether launching a pumpkin spice menu in early August is too soon. Today, Dunkin' has taken an even bigger step by confirming that it will have its full pumpkin menu in all stores by August 21. That's right: When it's still hot outside in most parts of the world, when many children haven't even yet returned to school, and when there's nary a light jacket or scarf to be seen, it's time for pumpkin at Dunkin'.

We're sure than Dunkin's new slate of lattes and coffees and doughnuts will deliver for those looking for an early start to the cooler, spookier part of the year. With that said, seasonal creep is beginning to take over at an alarming rate. Back-to-school displays appear in stores by the end of June, denying kids the chance to even pretend that summer vacations last. Candy companies are advocating for changing the date of Halloween. By sometime in September, there'll be Christmas trees at your local Target. Enjoy the chocolate bunnies and Easter jelly beans that will also likely hit shelves sometime next month.