OMG, You Guys, Dunkin' Finally Has Avocado Toast!

You know avocado toast has finally arrived when your ageless (never "elderly") Midwestern mom talks about having it for lunch after her water aerobics class (which, by the way, she only attends to keep her older friend company). Or a more official measure: when Dunkin' starts serving it. Well, guess what? As of today, February 24, Dunkin' is now serving avocado toast! It's as American as bagels and French crullers.

Avocado toast is the featured item on Dunkin's new spring menu, which also also includes grilled cheese melts, a blueberry matcha latte and matcha-topped doughnut, and Irish Creme coffee. It's made with an avocado spread consisting of actual avocados, sea salt, black pepper, and lemon juice that's spread "edge-to-edge" (per a Dunkin' press release) on sourdough toast made from bread leavened with actual sourdough starter. The whole thing is topped with Everything Bagel seasoning. It costs $2.99 and comes in a special portable box so it won't get crushed (probably).

"Dunkin's new Avocado Toast is the definition of quality delivered at the speed of Dunkin'," Jill Nelson, Dunkin's vice president of marketing and culinary, proclaimed in a press release. "We've taken a popular brunch staple and made it accessible for anyone looking for something easy and delicious to eat on-the-go. With simple ingredients at an affordable price, Dunkin's Avocado Toast is the latest feel good addition to our evolving menu."

If Dunkin' is selling avocado toast, though, does that mean that the Great Avocado Shortage of 2019 is finally at an end? It so, this is a day for rejoicing and thanksgiving. Bring on all the guac and avocado toast—Dunkin' and otherwise.