The Duggars Renamed Deviled Eggs "Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs"

Like many of us, 18 And Counting matriarch Michelle Duggar used up her multitude of post-Easter hard-boiled eggs by making deviled eggs. Unlike most of us, though, Duggar calls the spring snack staple "yellow pocket angel eggs." Um, what?

Trying to unpack the logic here: In the mind of Duggar, a devout Christian, are deviled eggs are promoting the devil in some fashion? In fact, referring to a food as "deviled" dates back to the 1700s, in reference to something hot and spicy (just like Hell, ha). Deviled eggs aren't really a mouth-scorcher depending on how much paprika you use, but the name has stuck. Other people trying to stay away from the "deviled" nomenclature call them "stuffed eggs" or "doubled eggs" or really, anything but "yellow pocket angel eggs," which is a mouthful.

What if we all just started renaming tangentially-theologically-related foods? For example, one could theoretically add evil vocabularies to regular food items like:

  • Hot Cross Buns = Hot Pentacle Buns
  • Angel Hair Pasta = Medusa Noodles
  • Angel Food Cake = Fluffy Clouds That Reside Above The River Styx
  • Mashed potatoes = Trampled By Satan's Hooves Potatoes
  • Seven-layer dip = Seven Layers Of Hell Dip
  • Devil's Food Cake = Blackness Of Heathen Soul Cake
  • Feel free to add your own below! But going forward, we don't want to see the words "yellow" and "pocket" anywhere near each other unless they're describing a really cute dress.