Mother Duck And Babies Enjoy Field Trip To Brooklyn Bagel Shop

An onlooker captured video of the ducks wandering into Bagel World in Brooklyn.

There's only one good corner of the internet, and it's the corner where you can find videos of animals entering human establishments. Seagulls raiding hotels in search of cured meats, a chunky little raccoon breaking into a Tim Hortons to steal snacks—it's all very, very good. This week, an ABC News report contributed the latest story to the Animals Pretending To Be Humans Canon: the news outlet posted a video from Park Slope, Brooklyn, that depicted a mother duck and her eight ducklings waddling right into a bagel store.

The adventurous mother duck steered her babies into Bagel World, a bagel shop on 5th Avenue and 4th Street. The ducks' visit was relatively short; as you can see in a video posted with the article, the little crew did a cursory loop around the store before heading out, at which point an onlooker exclaimed, "Best bagels in town!"

Brooklynite Doug Gordon tweeted about the visit, writing: "A real-life 'Make Way For Ducklings' scene just unfolded in Brooklyn with this mama duck and her babies trying to cross 5th Ave. Multiple people helped stop traffic to get them safely across the street." According to Gordon, passersby then used bread crumbs to guide them quickly out of the bagel store. "No word on what they ordered," Gordon quipped.

According to Gordon's tweets, the duck eventually made their way safely to Prospect Park. One helpful stranger even walked with them to make sure they made their way into the woods without incident. It remains unclear why, exactly, the ducks ventured into the bagel shop. My best guess is that they were just passing through, seeing the sights, and potentially intrigued by the smell of fresh schmear. I say, good for the mother duck. It's never too early to share the glories of a bagel with one's children.