We Stand With The Drunk Woman Who Ordered A Cheese And Olive Sandwich From Subway

A drunk British woman stumbles into a Subway and orders a sandwich so wild, so outlandish, so completely and utterly cuckoo crazy that workers couldn't help but take pictures of it. You ready for this combination?




Black olives.

That's it! That's the sandwich!

This sandwich was so unorthodox that The Mirror thought it was newsworthy enough to cover. We here at The Takeout don't find the sandwich itself so out-there (it's a cheese sandwich, albeit with shredded cheese), but we are very much concerned about the level of shame this poor woman is experiencing, as illustrated by this tweet.

The Mirror reports that drunk Anna's sandwich has elicited strong reactions from the millions of critics that sulk around on Twitter, waiting for moments like this to showcase their unparalleled expertise on what sandwiches truly should be. Critiques have ranged from "This the worst sandwich I've ever seen," to"Jesus Christ Anna who does order a subway like that??". Honestly remarkable how any of us were able to make sandwiches before the internet. Anna, if you're reading this: never, ever give up on your hopes and dreams. You want to put banana peppers or pickles or reduced-calorie mayo on your Subway sandwich, you go right ahead and put that on a Subway sandwich. Let no unverified Twitter expert stand in the way of your personal sandwich heaven. We stand with you, Anna.