Cops Discover Drug Tunnel From Mexico To Abandoned Arizona KFC

You're staring at a hell of a story if the fact of a $1 million drug bust is not the most interesting part of it.

Here is that story: Police in the border town of San Luis, Arizona, on August 13 pulled over a vehicle, in which drug-sniffing dogs alerted them to the presence of $1 million worth of narcotics. According to Yuma, Arizona's KYMA, that was comprised of "118 kilograms of methamphetamine, six grams of cocaine, three kilograms of fentanyl, 13 kilograms of white heroin, and six kilograms of brown heroin." The fentanyl alone was enough to supply 3 million doses.

And that's not even the wildest part of the saga.

Authorities, including agents from Homeland Security Investigations And Border Patrol, searched the building from which the suspect had exited before driving off in his drug-stocked vehicle. That building, a vacant former KFC restaurant, was found to house the entrance to a 22-foot-deep, 590-foot-long tunnel stretching to a trap door below a bed in a Sonora, Mexico residence. The American-side entrance to the tunnel was located inside what was the kitchen of the KFC. Authorities noted that because the tunnel's KFC-side entrance was so narrow, just 8 inches, drugs were likely being pulled out of the tunnel by a rope.

The photos of the tunnel are worth your time; go check 'em out at KYMA. And here we thought fast-food drug channels were only dug below Los Pollos Hermanos.