Drones To Deliver Cheeseburgers To Hungry Golfers

I ask this with all sincerity: In their decade or so in mainstream existence, how have drones improved our lives? No, 16-year-old Michael Bay wannabes filming overhead sweeping shots of their neighborhood doesn't count.

I'd like to know if you find this application of drones novel or unnecessary: A golf course in North Dakota, citing declining memberships, believes one way to bring back members is with drone deliveries. According to CNN, a golf course in the city of Grand Forks will allow refreshments to be ordered via an app, and a drone will fly to the golfer and lower their orders from a rope about 10 minutes later. Watch this service in action, as a golfer orders a cheeseburger and bottled water via drone delivery:

The most interesting thing about this CNN story is how it describes Grand Forks as "a hotbed of drone activity," so much so some have dubbed the town Sili-drone Valley. We're told the University Of North Dakota even offers a drone program in its aerospace school, though you can't buy these drones for $150 at Brookstone. As for those recreational drones, they are good for one thing: Fail videos of $150 drones getting destroyed.