Study Finds That Drinking Soda Is Really Just The Worst, Don't Do It

The sugar fans among us may search for the benefits of our favorite snacks, like the protein in a peanut-butter cup or the fiber in an oatmeal cookie. But a new study reports that there is no such upside to consuming sugar-filled sodas, making these beverages one of the worst possible ways to ingest sugar, especially if you're at risk for diabetes.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on a study recently published in the British Medical Journal that concluded that drinking too many sodas may not only have a negative effect on your health, it also "may increase your risk of diabetes more than other sugary foods." The study looked at 155 previous studies, and conducted assessments on people with and without diabetes for 12 weeks. It found that foods containing natural sugars, like fruit, do not add to diabetes risk. "However, foods with added glucose, such as soft drinks, breakfast cereals, baked goods and sweets, do have harmful effects." Soft drinks were then singled out because they are considered "nutrient poor."

May we suggest climbing aboard the sugar-free La Croix train instead? We swear, you'll think the Key Lime flavor has sugar, even though it doesn't.