Humble Dr Pepper Modestly Nominates Self As Texas' Official Soft Drink

Much like a head cheerleader who nominates herself as homecoming queen, Dr Pepper has launched a petition urging fans to make it the official soft drink of Texas. Bold, if not exactly tactful.

"Dr Pepper is calling on its passionate fans to support its quest to become the first Official Soft Drink of the Lone Star State," the petition states, shedding any attempt at humility. "Dr Pepper has a rich, storied history in the great state of Texas and being named its official soft drink would mark a new milestone for the beloved brand to celebrate for generations to come."

Before we discuss the brand's affiliation with the state, let's state for the record how bizarre it is that there is no punctuation after Dr in the brand's name. I didn't leave it out; it's not there at all, and hasn't been since 1950. This is bugging the former copy-editor part of my brain. What gives, doc?

Moving on.

According to this Texas Monthly article, Dr Pepper is the oldest soda brand in America, tracing its history back to Waco, Texas, in 1885. It bubbled onto the national scene in 1904 at the World's Fair in St. Louis, and has since remained one of the most popular sodas in America. (If you're interested in Dr Pepper lore, definitely read the full Texas Monthly piece—it includes the backstory of the name Dr Pepper, which came from an actual Dr. Pepper, period included.)

The company's petition to the Texas State House has garnered more than 18,000 digital signatures en route to its 25,000 signature goal, at which point Dr Pepper will presumably throw itself a congratulatory party.