Doughnut-Nabbing Squirrel Also Ready To Steal Pizza Rat's Mantle

As many law enforcement agents know, when you're trying to catch a perp, it helps to have video evidence. Which made the recent theft of an Anchorage, Alaska police officer's doughnut a simple case to solve, as the accompanying CBS News video shows that the morning treat was stolen by a greedy squirrel, who grabbed the entire doughnut even though it was about the same size as his body.

Continuing the trend of vermin making off with food items their own size (see: Pizza Rat, Avocado Squirrel), the Cop Doughnut Squirrel savvily headed to the police parking lot, and then hid under a number of identical-looking cars. Genius plan: They'll never find him!

The Anchorage Police Department's Facebook page calls out the theft of stealing a doughnut from a cop as a "felony." Also "rude." Despite clear photographic evidence, the thief is still at large. We'd be on the lookout for an Alaskan squirrel with a belly that looks like Santa's.