Doordash Driver Delivers Meal After Eating Some Of It

Delivery apps are having a rough go of it right now, at least outside of the piles of money they're raking in. Now that they've entrenched themselves within the dining industry, third-party services are contending with the ways in which their intended disruption has led to unintended issues across the board, from dubious charges to driver protests to allegations of tip skimming.

For Doordash (the company behind the latter), bad PR can now be added to the mix, thanks to one driver in York County, Pennsylvania. Fox 43 spoke to a man who claims that his order from a nearby barbecue restaurant arrived incomplete, and by incomplete, we mean to say that part of it was already eaten before it ever reached his house.

According to Chris Payton, when he received his Doordash order from Dickey's Barbecue Pit, "Two of the six ribs he ordered were gone and what appeared to be bite marks were left behind." When the restaurant was contacted, an anonymous employee confirmed the story and stated that "they have had previous issues with the same DoorDash driver." Payton was eventually refunded for his meal.

It's not as though it's impossible to fathom a delivery driver overstepping boundaries in this way; frankly, if anything, we're surprised that these stories aren't far more prevalent. But c'mon, food thieves: ribs? The Takeout does not condone dipping into someone else's food without permission in any form, but you could theoretically skim from some items with relative discretion: french fries, mac and cheese, and the like. But eating two of six ribs is like taking a single bite out of a burger, or eating exactly one slice of pizza. There's no hiding your shame when you eat a third of a rack of ribs.