You Can Cheat Domino's App To Get Free Pizza By Taking Photos Of Photos Of Pizza

Domino's is running a promotion right now that, in essence, is intended to reward anyone who eats pizza and has a smartphone. Any kind of pizza. Domino's. Pizza Hut. Papa John's. A slice from the place on the corner. Not delivery, but DiGiorno. Pizza bagels. Probably Lunchables pizza, honestly. If it resembles a pizza and you eat it, you can earn "pizza points." Take a picture, and that's it. And we at The Takeout confirm that you can, in fact, take pictures of pictures of pizza and that works, too.


Before we get to the proof, here's how it works. You download the app, sign up for Piece Of The Pie Rewards, and go to it. Once a week, you can scan a pizza, and get 10 points. That's something you can do six times total between now and the end of the promotion (April 28, 2019), and 60 points will get you a free medium pizza with two toppings.

But you don't even need actual pizza to get pizza. Here's the first thing we tried:

That's a picture of a Pizza Hut pizza. Here's the result:

I tried just drawing a pizza on a work memo. That didn't work:

Unfortunately, Domino's requires a phone number in order to verify that you're not doing exactly what I was doing, so that's all I've got. But you could probably get away with putting pepperoni on a piece of toast or red M&Ms on a tostada and get points. Maybe if my pizza was drawn in crayons? I don't know. Let me know if you make it happen.