Domino's And 7-Eleven Want To Sell You Pizza Two Very Different Ways

It's Domino's vs. 7-Eleven in the battle between pickup and delivery.

So you want some pizza for Super Bowl Sunday. That in itself is a big decision to make when considering the myriad of snackable items out there, but it's still only the beginning. Which pizza style do you choose? What toppings? What sizes? How many pies will you need? And, of course, the age old question: pickup or delivery? This year, two major chains are offering two different incentives to entice you to each side.


Last week, CNN reported that Domino's will now pay customers to pick up their own pizza instead of delivering, framing it as a $3 "tip" for their trouble. Important: It's not cold hard cash, but instead a credit that can be used on a future carry-out order, some fine print that encourages repeat customers. If you're a Domino's regular, this could add up over the next few months—as of now it's running through May 22.

The deal, though, isn't in place to simply reward pizza lovers; it's yet another creative way to manage the ongoing labor shortage. Domino's has been struggling with maintaining its speedy delivery standards for a while now, because of fewer employees. Not only does this promotion cut down on the need for delivery drivers, it's also available only through online orders, meaning less bodies are needed to answer phones in store.


While 7-Eleven may not be the first chain to pop in your head for some game day za (though it's not bad, we promise!), it's firmly asserting itself as "Team Delivery" with its Super Bowl promotion. In a press release sent to The Takeout, the convenience store chain announced that on February 13 only, customers can score a free large pizza if they order through the 7NOW delivery app.

The large pizzas only run around $5 a pop anyway, and you'll likely be charged delivery fees (and please, please tip your driver), so it's hard to say how great of a deal this actually is. But to make things a little sweeter, 7-Eleven is also throwing in $5 off the delivery or beer and seltzer from February 11-13.

So which deal is more appealing? That depends on several factors: taste preference, laziness, proximity to either location, availability of other desired sides to toss in. It might just have to be a game day decision.

What's your go-to move during the Super Bowl, takeout or delivery? Sound off!