Dolly Parton Wants Taco Bell To Bring Back The Mexican Pizza, Too

Dolly is a huge fan of the fast food chain. Stars really are just like us!

We've begged you, Taco Bell, to bring back the Mexican Pizza. We've put our heart and soul on the line sharing our love for the item that was once a staple on your menu. We've even tried replicating its glory at home. But still, we can't help but hope, wish, and pray that the Mexican Pizza is coming back, keeping a close eye on every little hint you drop that maybe, just maybe, its return is imminent. Well, Taco Bell, we now have a new warrior in this fight, one who will make you sit up and take notice: Dolly Parton.


In an interview with Insider, the country music superstar and living embodiment of the word "icon" sang the praises of fast food, specifically Taco Bell where she likes to order soft-shell supreme tacos, rice and beans with mild sauce, and, once upon a time, Mexican Pizzas. When asked if she thought Taco Bell should bring the latter back, she immediately replied, "I think they should!" You hear that, Taco Bell?!

The rest of the interview is, expectedly, just as delightful. Dolly and her perfectly named husband of 55 years, Carl Dean, apparently love to sneak away to chain restaurants whenever they can. "Oh, I love to get a good burger out on the highway and french fries like everybody else," Parton says. "And we go get hot doughnuts now and then. We love to just get out in that little camper of ours and drive through restaurants." It's no wonder that Dollywood has some of the best theme park food in the country.


She also talks about her new line of cake mixes and frostings with Duncan Hines, which launches in grocery stores nationwide in March with ingredients for banana pudding cake and coconut cake. No word yet if she'll soon include a mix for Mexican Pizza, but if Taco Bell sits up and listens to Queen Dolly's request, she won't have to.