Did Crooked Cops Issue A DUI For Chipotle Lemonade?

One Las Vegas man took to TikTok to claim that his Chipotle cup "tested positive for alcohol."

Chipotle's Hibiscus Lemonade is a pretty straightforward beverage. Per the Chipotle website, it contains hibiscus, lemon, and turmeric. "Tart hibiscus flower and fresh citrus join forces in this riff on a classic," reads the website. "Kinda fruity. Kinda lemon-y." Nowhere is the drink listed as alcoholic—but that didn't stop Las Vegas police from allegedly issuing a DUI after a man's lemonade cup "tested positive for alcohol."

Newsweek reports that a Las Vegas resident has taken to TikTok to claim that he got slapped with a DUI after an "open container" was found in his car. The container in question? A cup of Chipotle Hibiscus Lemonade. "This is how I got my first DUI," the TikToker wrote in the video. "[The officer] said my 'open container' tested positive for alcohol."

The TikToker's video about the incident has gone viral, racking up more than 128,000 likes. Some TikTok commenters argue that the lemonade is fermented, which could, ostensibly, result in a small alcohol percentage. (One commenter claimed to be a former Panera Bread employee and explained that "one time we forgot to change the teas for a few days and it legit turned into alcohol.") Other TikTokers aren't as convinced. "I work there, I fill them up actually since I'm the cashier," wrote one. "There's NO WAY, it's literally concentrate and WATER!!"

In a statement to Newsweek, Laurie Schalow, Chipotle's Chief Corporate Affairs and Food Safety Officer, wrote: "We take these allegations very seriously and have asked the guest to contact us with additional details. Additionally, our beverage vendor has provided a statement outlining the unlikelihood of this occurrence." Overall, it seems like it's not a Chipotle issue. Instead, it may be crooked cop issue, as suggested by the Black TikToker's video tags, which include #crookedcops and #racialprofile. We'll probably never know—but, in the meantime, ditch your to-go cups just in case.