Dodgers Fan Sacrifices Two Expensive Dinners For Foul Balls

Everybody wants to catch a ball at a baseball game. Every so often, you witness some brave soul's attempt to free-hand a line drive homer, but far more often, it's the scramble for a popped-up foul ball that sends attendees clambering over chairs and stairwells and each other to take home a free memento. Occasionally it's respectful. Often, it's not. Every time, it's pretty ridiculous to watch.


In the case of one beleaguered Los Angeles Dodgers fan, however, a foul ball (and nearly a second foul ball, later) came at a grave price indeed: the price of two different, pricey stadium meals. During the Dodgers' 2-1 loss to the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday, in Oracle Park (the Giants' home turf), a fan's rash decision-making led first to the loss of an entire platter of fries...

...and then, later in the same game, a full slice of pizza as well. (This one didn't even result in a caught ball.)


First off, the probability of having two foul balls come directly your way in the same game is slim enough for this to be pretty impressive. Second, god bless the patience and tolerance of all the people this dude fell on/over in the process of chasing free merchandise. Third, it's clear that our man neglected to do some basic risk-reward math before going for it. Ballpark food isn't cheap, even if it was just pizza and fries, and based on where he's sitting at a glance, the two meals combined probably add up to a sizable percentage of the total ticket price.

Don't get us wrong; there are far more elaborate things he could've dropped on those nearby, so we're thankful he kept his abandoned dinner cravings down to the basics. But all the same, even with the flagrant mark-ups for food and beer at any major-league stadium, you hate to see that.