Lots Of Stuff In Your Kitchen Can Be Smeared On Your Face, It Turns Out

We've already explained the downsides to gargling household cleaners as part of your daily hygiene regimen, but there are lots of items in your kitchen that might help you out in front of your bathroom vanity. Maybe. We're not sure how much we trust this list from Insider about DIY beauty hacks, but it's an interesting way to reimagine uses for whatever's in your pantry.

One thing I overpurchased at the beginning of the pandemic was tea bags. At the time, in early March, it was still frigid outside, and tea was a comforting perk to working from home. Now, I'm left with several boxes of sachets that just don't sound as tempting in the heat of June, and according to Insider, those tea bags can be used to treat razor burn. The tannins in the tea allegedly reduce inflammation. By that logic, could I douse my legs in red wine as well?

If you've ever tried any of these tricks, we want to know how well they worked. Some others include:

  • Using Pam cooking spray to set up a finished manicure
  • Washing your hair with brewed coffee to make your hair shiny
  • Brushing your teeth with salt and baking soda as a whitening regimen
  • The biggest issue with this list, as I see it, is that the items mentioned are things that I presently use in my cooking nearly every day. Am I going to use up 1/3 cup of oats on a supposedly cleansing facial mask when I could use them to make pie? And sure, maybe it's true that rubbing a coffee filter on my face will absorb the skin's natural oils, but I'm not going to burn through my precious supply of coffee filters for that; I always seem to be running dangerously low as it is. Still, these tips are interesting to know about, if only because one day you might be idly staring down the spoons in your spoon drawer and think, Hmm, I guess now's the time to try applying mascara with one of these. We don't recommend following these DIY hacks to the letter, however: Insider also recommends separating your eyelashes with a safety pin, which sounds downright reckless. Maybe file that with "gargling bleach" in the "do not attempt" column.